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Night Shift Nurses 2 Ep Episode 4

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Upload Date September 19th, 2020Based on the game by M no Violet.The elite doctor Kuwabara Souichirou couldn't forget his feelingstowards Nanase Ren, whom he had loved in his youth. He changed thehospitals he worked at, one after another, to look for her, andfinally he met her again at the St. Cattleya Hospital. However, herattitude was remote and his love couldn't be fulfilled. To makematters worse, he received photographs depicting Ren being molested.Ren had been turned into a lewd woman by Hirasaka through the womanbody experiment when she was at the St. Julianna Hospital. He wasdisappointed and he lost his mind. Kazama Mana, who was a nurse ofthe gynecology and obstetrics section, loved Kuwabara, and sheresembled Ren. Taking advantage of her feelings, Kuwabara raped herand took her virginity while shouting the name of Ren.