Wild Life

Jennifer Kane was born in Miami, Florida USA, her parents were very strict, and forced her to engage exclusively in school education. She didn’t have many friends, the school became for her a kind of safety valve. She succeeded in school and graduated with honors, then she went to College and received a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science. She spent a lot of time with her roommate Hisako, who quickly became her best friend. Hisako has taught Jenny the Japanese language and skills of hacking on the computer. Impressed by her hacking abilities, Hisako offered her a job, Jenny excitedly accepts the offer and soon she starts working for the Yakuza. Over the next two years, she and Hisako worked as hackers, Jenny, quite shy and the degree of complexity of the work and constant stress do not allow her to concentrate, so she makes a lot of mistakes that have led to sad consequences. Because Hisako was one of the Yakuza, her punishment was severe. Therefore, it is emergency care has had a strong effect on Jenny, who was always under the protection of Hisako. The pin that she gave Hisako she is still…
Alternate Names:Wild Life

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