Blendy Collection – Tono Akihono compilation SP

“Tono Amigo no compilation SP” is a small update lasting about 8 minutes from the author’s personal blog Blendy 13 for his original compilation “Tono Akihono compilation” lasting 25 minutes. In this SP compilation includes three or four short videos with MMD character named tono Akiha. The first video without sound.”But tohno akiha also States that the ordinary Japanese student. However, due to a series of strange circumstances, she is forced to have sex with Mr. Akihabara, who has a huge influence in her Academy. Mr. Akihabara is generally a very unconventional Director he once for one day forbade girls to go in skirts or jeans and most of them have not found anything better how to walk in shorts…”
Alternate Names:[MMD] Tono Akihono compilation [Blendy 13]

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